Case Studies

Some real results from our recent efforts.

The Challenge:

  • Establish a profitable cost per booking
  • Drive meaningful new customer acquisition on tight budgets
  • Build a successful digital ads strategy that works across dozens of locations throughout the U.S.

Our ability to leverage big-data and machine learning are at the core of how we’ve been able to succeed for Zerorez. Servicing several Zerorez franchises across the country, we’ve been able to build repeatable Facebook and Google ad strategies that help us drive new customers at affordable costs for each franchise.

Zerorez bases have to achieve very specific ‘cost per bookings’ in order to survive as a healthy-run business. Our ability to hit those targets, establish reporting systems so that everyone is driving towards the same goal, and create consistency day-to-day have allowed us to really help each franchise we work with grow into thriving, successful companies.

The Challenge:

  • Establish a 15:1 ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Drive leads for the Stevie Rep program
  • Drive new customer acquisition with positive ROI

Using creative retargeting and remarketing techniques on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to accomplish two major objectives at once. First establishing a 15:1 ROAS across all ad spend. Then scale sales volume by introducing new expansion campaigns that perform at a positive ROI while supporting the growth of the retargeting campaigns.

We also successfully helped build the Stevie Rep program by generating high quality leads from Instagram ads at a reliable CPL. We built landing pages and a sales funnel along with a creative ad campaign that helped to enroll hundreds of members into the program.

The Challenge:

  • Establish a 15:1 ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Dramatically increase sales volume in the U.S.
  • Expand into Canada and Europe

Primarily focused on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we were able to provide a 42% YoY sales lift for the brand in 2018, 56% growth in 2019, and are on pace to hit similar growth numbers in 2020. A large part of our success has been based on our ability to create an advertising strategy that coincides with the brands longer, more complex purchase consideration cycle.

What we’re most proud of with The Original ScrapBox has been our ability to provide this growth while establishing and maintaining a 15:1 ROAS at the same time. Not an easy task to scale and hold margin.

The Challenge:

  • Launch the brand
  • Establish a consistent 13:1 ROAS
  • Dramatically increase sales volume
  • Build customer marketing database

Launched in January of 2019, we were able to help this brand get from $0 to $200k/mo in sales in just a few months. And the brand continues to grow! Our strategy from the beginning has focused a great deal on Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads. What we’re most proud of is that we were able to hold a 13:1 ROAS in the process, something that was critical to do being that Replica is a true self-funded startup.

By leveraging email marketing automation, Facebook messenger, and a Facebook private group, we have been successful at helping Replica build a large, loyal fan base of customers and aspiring customers. We were able to do this at no additional ad cost to the organization.

The Challenge:

  • Dramatically improve Amazon Sponsored Ads performance
  • Get ACoS levels back to profitable numbers
  • Launch new products on Amazon
  • Build and launch a successful Kickstarter campaign

In the summer of 2017, Wildhorn Outfitters asked us to take over their high spend, high sales volume Amazon sponsored ads account. The account was struggling with poor ACoS (margin) performance and they needed a turnaround. Not only did we succeed at doing this, we were able to cut ACoS in half while growing sales volume at the same time.

We also helped to launch 5 new products in the Wildhorn catalog on Amazon, including the successful launch of their Snorkel Fins. We were also able to help raise over $430k for their Kickstarter campagin of their new snorkel mask. We accomplished this with an intelligent Facebook Ad campaign.

The Challenge:

  • Grow the brand YoY (after a successful 2017)
  • Grow more efficiently (better ROI)
  • Maximize sales during Q4 2018 (winter season for jackets)

Ravean had grown wildly successful the previous 2 years before ever working with our team. Which made CEO Bryce Fisher’s mandate very difficult… grow 20% year over year in 2018. We are able to hit his goals with 22% less traffic and a 32% increase in conversion rate from the previous year.

Q4 is a crazy time of year for ecommerce brands. And it’s even crazier when you have a winter product line. Working closely with the CEO with high levels of communication, strategy, and effort, we were able to maneuver an ever-changing landscape and deliver an amazing 2018.

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