Message From Our CEO

Chase Sagum, Founder & CEO

Hey there! 👋🏽

When we started this agency in January 2017, we knew that we could help companies grow with our digital marketing expertise and experience. What I didn’t realize at the time was how broad our strategies would have to be in order to achieve the levels of success our clients needed from us. And how much joy we would get out of the process.

When you build a service based company, you try to identify your team’s strongest skill-sets and align the services you provide to those skill-sets. When we started this agency, due to the collective experience of our team, these skill-sets were mainly Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and conversion optimization.

But as we focused on our main core value, we quickly learned that we had a stronger skill-set. The ability to learn and adapt to our clients needs! You see, our main core value is to ‘help brands grow by always putting our clients first.’ And by sticking to this core value we have been led to what we now know is our great skill-set.

In the landscape of digital marketing, you have to be flexible and adaptive in order to truly succeed. You have to be willing to ask yourself the difficult questions. You have to be willing to venture into territories that are new to you. If you really want to help a brand grow, you have to be open to all possibilities.

By doing this, we know that we can make any client successful because we are open to all possibilities. By approaching digital marketing with this mindset we create an environment for our clients to succeed while also helping our employees continuously learn and grow.

We may not have all the answers right now on how to truly grow and scale your brand with digital marketing. But our track record shows that we will find the answers. After all, shouldn’t your brands digital marketing strategy be custom to your brand?


Chase Sagum, CEO

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