Our Team

A team of experienced experts.

Chase Sagum

Founder & CEO

Chase is the CEO and acts as the main high-level strategist for all marketing campaigns.

Seth Gilbert

VP Business Development

Creating strategic and creative business relationships in the U.S. & in China is Seth's strength.

Karl Beckert

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Karl is a key marketing strategist and mind who's execution abilities are unmatched.

Taylor Gilbert

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Taylor has a unique blend of marketing prowess & tech expertise. He's our go-to problem solver.

Caleb Shepherd

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Great campaigns require grit, determination, and hard work. Caleb is our leader in all 3 categories.

Blake Wheeler

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

There is nobody better at Facebook and Instagram advertising. And nobody is better at staying on top of the trends.

Cameron Moon

Director of Sales

Cameron has been critical to the growth & success of our company. He heads up all sales operations at Sagum.

Kurt Gilbert


Kurt serves as an advisor on the Sagum board. He's also a key business development strategist and resource.

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