Chase Sagum

Founder & CEO

Chase is the CEO and acts as the main high-level strategist for all marketing campaigns.

Seth Gilbert

VP Business Development

Creating strategic and creative business relationships in the U.S. & in China is Seth's strength.

Karl Beckert

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Karl is a key marketing strategist and mind who's execution abilities are unmatched.

Taylor Gilbert

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Taylor has a unique blend of marketing prowess & tech expertise. He's our go-to problem solver.

Caleb Shepherd

Digital Marketing Manager

Great campaigns require grit, determination, and hard work. Caleb is our leader in all 3 categories.

Amber Newby

Social Media Manager

We depend on Amber to build better efficiency into our marketing campaigns and operations.

Jasmine Sagum


Jasmine is Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Sagum. She keeps us organized, focused, and efficient.

Kurt Gilbert


Kurt serves an advisor on the Sagum board. He's also a key business development strategist and resource.

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